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I'm super bored…

:iconblushuplz: Thank :heart::heart::heart:

Ahhh, I'm sure some of em are several months old. Andifeelsuuuperbadaboutthat-I wanna get them done right away, but at the same time it's like, if you're not motivated, the work might not be your best, and you want your commissioner to feel like they've really gotten their money's worth you know? 

Aaah-gosh loads of things inspire me, conversations with people, things I see, things I like, anything can be inspiring ;v; Tho I don't think I'm the most creative person, there are far more creative than I who get inspired all the time, and I envy that. But regardless I'm always super happy with stuff I manage to come up with on my own. 

:iconcryforeverplz::iconblushuplz: Thank you so much :heart::heart: That means a lot
And I totally understand your love for colorful things >V< Color can be so much fun, it can also sometimes be a pain if the detail in color is super extreme, but otherwise I love it myself uvu And those are some really neat ideas~! 

 yeeeah I was worried, it's not that I thought it was porn, I just don't like trusting links from anons cause you never know what it is. But super cute uvu

Lupe: //huffs "...Sure..I guess, there's still a 'little' part of me, that wishes we still got on like we used to..I mean we used to be family, good family..But the way things are now and considerin what's happened-" //snorts "- I dunno if we could ever go back to that..But, 'if' it could, it's pretty obvious what would have to change. For one, he'd have to earn my trust back. And- swear that he'd never so much as 'think' of harmin Alc-or anyone else like her ever again.." //Sighs "Fat chance of that though, I'm pretty sure.." 

Well you shouldn't be afraid to try! ;v; I understand not wanting to force anything, just approach it causally you know? Let things go their course, cause I'm not secluded to only a few people when it comes to shipping, I'm open to anyone. I just like to take my time and be sure it's what I want to happen, if it doesn't work out, well I've got loads of oc's lol. 

I'm really not that hard to talk to and approach I swear. Sure I'm iffy about particular peeps, and I don't always know what to talk about-but I'm just happy when peeps show interesting and wanna talk at all ;v; Any way to go about it really, simple as a hi, how are you can work just fine.…

Feel free to ask about anything peeps, oc's, ships, art, etc

I have thought about it, I've really wanted to draw more of my kingdoms in particular, and do more detailed plans on my bby's rooms on the side, it's just a matter of motivation uvu; I'll try to start sketching things out at least. 

Oh would you look at that guys~! My first troll who thinks they're so clever, attacking me through an anonymous box. I feel so honored. 
Should I assume you have nothing better to do with your time hmm? I'm sure you can find something way more productive to do than this dear anon. 

Good question mmmm, currently, I want to saaay-about 4 or 5 ;v; Hornypapple, frostedfire, demonboys, braincell n werefaun. The first three are whats mostly being drawn, rp'd or at the very least discussed. The last two are what I'm trying to pick up drawing more at least. I have more ships I wanna bring attention to as well, just haven't had the opportunity for a bit. S'ok tho, at least some of em are getting some love right now. 

oh I've been drawing for years, since I was young. It was always something I was really interested in. I feel like I only really got any good by the time I got into highschool tho, and even then it doesn't compare to what I do now that I'm out of school and in college ;v; Andthankyousomuch!! :heart: 

Aaah, honesty I have a few I really like, and the other admins I actually talk to on a pretty good basis, well-maybe aside from one of em, we should def talk more tho. And I'm assuming you mean the ships right? Not the admins? I wouldn't say they're all that secret either, since I've drawn em, but they're def some of my faves in crack right now. They would be malcolm/grendy, quill/cayenne, lupe/memphis, mmmm, col n jackson was really cute to, hhh also mel n rylien ughsomanytheresprollymoreimforgettingbuttheresaredefatthetop. I'm sorry I can't pick one uvu;;

Well they have very different views when it comes to other humanoids of a predator verses prey type deal. Such as being on peace treaty terms with the glen kingdom. 
He's also tried to kill and eat his girlfriend on a few occasions, so there's that lol. 
So-Friday I also have school, cause it's a makeup day. So it'll be the same deal of class from 8:00 to 10:30

but that's not all

I have this thing for my declare my major class, it's a passport right, where I have to attend 5 different events and have it stamped, basically a mini assignment. Since we're already at midterms, I wanna get this thing out of the way as soon as possible, so I'm taking two opportunities tomorrow n friday.  

After I have my 10:00 to 11:00 for my major class tomorrow, I'm going to attend one event at 1:30 to 3:00 so I'll be up at SCAD that whole time, but I may be able to get on my laptop some time in between, if I can get the scad internet info from my adviser, if not, then I'll just be on skype on my phone, you can skype me or txt if you have my number. If anyone wants to I mean u3u 

Then friday, after my make up class, I'm going to a workshop from 12:30 to 2:00 to also stamp on my passport. Again, might be on my laptop, if not, be on my phone, can still skype n all that. 

That also means I have to go to bed tomorrow night that I usually would n monday n wednesday so about 12:00, 12:30 ;H; wish I didnt have to, i look forward to staying up on thursdays n sleeping in on fridays, but it's gotta be done
just wanted to give a heads up to anyone looking to chat if they wonder where I am for the hours of the early morning n afternoon n late at night of these two days. 
sorry guys
join me is being a total butt 



:bulletgreen: QUESTIONS AND RP'S ALWAYS WELCOME~! :bulletgreen:

lupe fanart by ask-thejinx Hey guys. The names Lupe, I'm the so called "werewolf prince" of the 'Wolf Kingdom' in these parts of Ooo. Hit me up with a question, get to know me a little better ;)


Orientation: Heteroflexible

Height: 6,4



If you would like to make a citizen of lupe's kingdom, whether it be werewolf, why-wolf, regular wolf, maned werewolf, werecat, who-wolf,or even hugwolf, send me a note, and we'll talk c; ))

Relationship: Alcina :iconglenprincess: :heart:

Cousin: :iconprincewithnokingdom:

Voice- Ed Helms, Onceler voice

My best bro's :bulletgreen: :iconmisspomp: :iconthelittlehoneybee: :iconlittlewhitebat::iconsharkmate: :iconmissthunderkin: :bulletgreen:

Help squiby Lupe evolve :heart:

My Tumblr-


ID by :iconask-milo-and-brandon:

I do have skype, note me if you'd like to talk more but I don't hand it out to everyone, please respect that

Second Generation

The Fraternal Werefaun Twins

Tobias~Tobias Royal by Askthewerewolfprince Relationship: :iconmisspomp: Cyder

Lillah~Lillah royal by Askthewerewolfprince Relationship: Single

got tagged twice here for the oc interview meme, I'll do lupe for one, but who should I do for the other? 

9 deviants said 1st gen oc
5 deviants said 2nd gen oc
5 deviants said 3rd gen (bonnie)
3 deviants said 1/2 gen oc (which is like, cayenne n one other oc)
1 deviant said using this while i still have 5 days left on premium, don't click plz
No deviants said someone specific plz comment



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