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July 15, 2013
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Diallo revamp by Askthewerewolfprince Diallo revamp by Askthewerewolfprince
I was finally struck with some information ideas with this guy, omg I was partly tempted to put him up for adoption I couldn't think of anything, it's not a lot but it's something

Decided to redraw that giraffe guy I made and never really got to use since people kept bringing him up and an anon said I should use him. Though I'm not really sure what to do with him now lol.
Would anyone be interested in seeing and knowing more of him?
Even rping with him?
Tbh, he doesn't look too adventure time esq, so I'm not sure whether to qualify him as one, but that doesn't mean I wont let him rp with at oc's.
He might get a bio revamp to, maybe a little older, etc.

age: 18
Occupation: I'm thinking maybe he works at a fruit stand, or maybe a produce market
He's really laid back, like even more so than lupe ok. He calls people bro,dude, bra, etc. Loves to give out compliments. He'll munch on sticks,leaves, doesn't matter to him, if it's green and leafy and he's got the munchies, he'll eat it. Despite being as laid back as he is, he enjoys taking on challenges and what not. Dare him and there's usually a guarantee he'll do it. He feels you gotta take life to the fullest, take on the challenges so you get more out of your life and say you've done more to. That would be how he got the rip in his ear, and some predator scars down on one of his ankles.

Voice-… ))
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Rosaria-Pantheress Apr 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
*her red ears perked seeing the guy from a distance and one ear flattens as the other stays perked as her long red tail sways* a giraffe? Wow! More and more interesting people are around!.... Wish I could meet and be friends with some..... *ears droop* ah well....

how many oranges can you fit in your mouth?

(( RP c: )) Amber: The girls ears perked up and she grinned " Challenges huh~? Well wanna bet who's faster? " her little tail wiggled and she walked a circles around him, hands crossed.

gosh sorry for the long wait, I didn't realize this gotta kind buried in some stuff )) 

Diallo: *The giraffe rose an eyebrow in the girls direction.* "Well I'm not really for bets buuut, a race could be pretty fun." He retorted with a smile as she walked circles around him. He didn't know who this girl was, but if she was up for a challenge, he didn't mind participating. 
I can see him working at a music store or coffee shop
Rose: *she is looking down at her map very closely and is counting out her steps in her head, she is not paying attention to anything around her and doesn't realize her map is upside down and she is going in the wrong direction, she continues to take large steps as she counts her steps and before she knows it she  has walked into something coursing the map to cover her face* huh... *she took a step back and moved the map away from her face, when she looks over to see what she walked into she saw a tall spotted boy in front of her* oh umm sorry I didn't see you there...
Diallo: *He had been taking a casual stroll, hands in his pockets as he walked at a leisurely pace. When he felt something bump with a bit of force, right into his chest. He stumbled back a step or two, before looking down to see an over sized map.* "Wha-?" *But as it turned out, there was someone under that map. A girl who peaked out from under neath and apologized to him. He blinked, then shrugged it off with a smile.* "Heh, it's okay, nooo harm done here~ " 
Rose: *she smiled to that comment* that's good ummm I am sorry to bother you but have you seen a tall oak tree around here at all? according to my map it should be around here somewhere...

((the map is upside down rose OAO just look at the compass on it, its upside down!! TT^TT she is supposed to be the smart one...))
Diallo: *He quirked a brow at her question.* "A tall oak tree? Hmmmm, nah I can't say I've seen one any where near here.." Curiously and casually he craned his neck a bit to take a look at her map . He wasn't really much of a reader, nor was he an expert at maps, but then he noticed the map's compass in the corner. Staring at it for a moment before a thought clicked.* "Hey uh, isn't the..the little 'N' supposed to be up right there? " He asked, poking it was a finger.* 
Rose: huh? *she quickly looked down at the map to where he was pointing and saw it was the wrong way around* whaaa... *she quickly turned the map the right way around and sighed* no wonder I haven't found it I have been going the wrong way this whole time... *looks back in the direction she came from* urr it took me an hour to get here *she looks back to him and shrugs her shoulders* all well I guess *she folds the map up and puts it into a small dark orange bad she had with her then looks back up to the tall boy and smiles* anyway my names Rose, may I ask you your name?
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