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September 21, 2013
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James by Askthewerewolfprince James by Askthewerewolfprince
The other boy I had adopted from :iconask-duck-the-mutt: Been meaning to finish the drawing I had of him
Hope you don't mind the change in foot ware, the boots weren't really doing it for me.

Name: James
Nickname: Jamie

Gender: male
Sexuality: Unknown at this time (possibly bi-curious)  
height 5'7-5'8
Weight: small/ a little curvy
Species: Albino demon (I made his hands a little bigger, thought it would be cute if this lil guy had slightly over sized claw paws, so he's surprisingly strong for his size)
Previous residence: Night-o-sphere (He was a second class demon, lived alright, but not great, sort of sheltered, hence his meek nature)
2nd gen

Relationship status: single
Occupation: Record store with Toya-:iconmisspomp: 

Personality: soft spoken, shy, cuddly, clingy. Likes the color red. Doesn't like the cold, so he's usually in hoodies and layers. Doesn't care much for the sun either though since he's easy to burn.
-He can wiggle his ears, they droop sometimes if he's sad.
-likes music
-sort of clumsy sometimes, either doesn't know his own strength or manages to knock something over from time to time
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oh my gosh how crazy is that
My real name is Jamie
And my nickname is James //gasp ))
Still a super cutie! >w<
The store was closed, mostly because it was time for inventory. Normally it would just be Toya and James taking the inventory, but today she had asked "the boys" to come in and help move some things around. She felt it was time to change the displays and to get a little bit of feng shui going. Not to mention that it was high time her newest employee met the rest of the family, and since he was such a shy thing, she figured he would get along with those of his own kind... 
"Oh Toyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~" the front door of the store had chimed, meaning someone had walked in, but the voice had already told her that, and she already knew which demon that voice belonged to. The so-called leader of this rag-tag group. 
"Were heeeeeere!"
"She obviously fuckin' knows that already, dumb-ass--- owww! The hell, Ira!?"
"Jet told me t' do it if ya started cursin'. So watch yer tongue, Fahren."
"Ehehe, Ira got ya good--- ooww! Geez what was that for?"
"Like I need a reason, mate.... Toya? You 'round, love?"

Oh boy... maybe these abrasive bunch were the last demons Jamie needed to meet right now. Oh well. "I'm in here, boys!" she called out and then called over towards the open door, which lead to the storage room. "Jamie, how about you leave those boxes for later and come meet a few guys, huh?"
James: *The large handed, albino demon was checking the inventory today, he'd been apart of this store for a short while, but he'd gotten the hang of it and had grown to like his job quiet well. He was in the middle of setting a few boxes aside when his droopy, pointed ears perked to the sounds of the chime at the door and  unfamiliar voices at the front, but that didn't stop him from doing his work, wanting to get it done and not get distracted. Of course he couldn't help but pause a few times, brow raised as he caught some unsavory words going around, but they apparently knew Toya and she knew them.
He was just going to keep at it until he heard Toya call for him, to just leave their work for later and come meet who he assumed were the guys she was talking to her. He frowned slightly, looking at the inventory and then the open door and sighed lightly. "Uh-okay, coming!" He called back and straightened up, rubbing his hands off on his pants, they were a little dirty from dust on the shelves and made his way to the door, peaking his head out before tentatively walking out to see her and meet these 'guys'. 
She had already made her way to the front and while they waited for James to appear, she was already telling them about him. New kid whom she gave a clerk job to. Really good worker and quite the sweetheart. And yes, he was a demon. Quite a shock, yes, because she had always figured all demons were brutes like them. Which had them all laughing, of course. And of course, it was Desmond, who was the first to spot the albino, and his grin grew even more as he suddenly bounded towards him. 

"Ahhh and there's the man of the hour!!" he exclaimed in a very dramatic sort of way, while suddenly taking the smaller demons much larger hand and giving it a good shake. "Nice ta meetcha, Jamie! Can I call ya Jamie? Whooooa look at these hands!" he laughed and then asked, with a waggle of his brows. "Is it true what they say about guys with big hands? Ooh now I'm all tingly with curiosity~"

"Oh lay off, Des!" Toya laughed and walked over, pushing the taller demon away. "Don't mind him, honey. His mind is always in the gutter."

"Like that's such a bad thing~" 

"Quiet you." she chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Jamie, the perv over there is Desmond." she pointed to the dred-head demon, who made a sweeping bow and gave him a wink. "And that's Ira." pointing to the tallest demon with tentacles for hair.

"'ello. Nice t' meetcha, mate." he said, giving him a friendly smile.

"He's one of the decent ones. And that shorty over there is Kenn--"

"It's Fahren! FAH-REN!" the short one had snapped, glaring at Toya before looking at the albino, as if daring him to say otherwise.

"Ahaha, oops. Fahren." and she leaned close to whisper. "Obviously not one of the decent ones. Pffft.." She patted Jame's shoulder, enough to have him step forward. "And this is James. My new store clerk."
James: Once he came into the view of the others and he could see them, surprisingly three other demons he hadn't met before. One of them, a dred-headed demon, already bounding for him and he stopped with a stumble in his tracks as the other took up his hand to give it a hearty shake. A bit taken aback by his forwardness and the inquiry he then made about his hands. "I-uh-um.." His words came out in a stutter, his face already a bit red at what he had asked and rather prominent against his pale skin. He was sort of thankful that Toya butted in then, shoving him away like she did as he hadn't a clue how to respond to such a remark. It actually wasn't the first time he'd been asked something like that, of course who wouldn't notice how big his hands were compared to how small he was, and he still didn't know how to respond... 
She went on then to introduce each one of them and he timidly looked to each one to show he was paying attention to who was who. Each one seemed pretty nice with their greeting until Toya came down to the last one, the fiery, short one who snapped at what she was about to say and then shot a look his way, to which he blinked and then quickly averted his gaze. She made a joking remark to him about it and it helped to put a bit of a smile back on his face before she patted him which motioned him forward some in the process. "Ah-yeah, it's really uh- nice to meet you all to. " He attempted to say in a friendly and enthusiastic way. 
As if Des' grin couldn't go any wider and he let out quite the laugh. "He speaks! Praise Abedeer! I was worried we scared him to a mute!"
"More like you scared him t' a mute." Ira chuckled and rolled his eyes (not that anyone could tell, with his strange hair covering his eyes). He turned then, to Toya and asked very politely. "Now, wha' was it ya needed us for, love?"
"I'm very glad you asked! Oh, but we're missin' one. Where is the big lug?"
"Sherry is on a play date." Fahren answered, as he had already found this whole meet and greet rather boring and had gone to the nearest rack and was looking through her latest tunes. "So Jet couldn't make it."
"Not that he would care." Des added and rather smoothly. "He's tryin' to make nice with one of the moms. A total MILF. You should see the curves on that lil mama." and he shimmied his hips in a rather showy way. "Sooo your type, Toya. You should charm her away from him, just for kicks."
"Ahaha, noooo. Glob no. Baby mama's are outta my range, thanks. But enough of that junk. The reason I called you over is cuz the store needs some re-arrangin', and I know you boys don't mind to help. Jamie and I can't do it alone, right?" she gave the albino demon a playful nudge to play along and then moved over to Fahren, plucking off a music record and setting it back into place. "The racks are fine, but the other displays need to be moved around. And some dustin' too, if you don't mind. NO, of course you don't. Though I still need inventory done in the back. We got a load of boxes in today. So Jamie," she turned to him and smiled. "You keep doin' what you were doin'. And take down some of the other boxes we got up on the shelves. The ones with the old rock albums. Fahren is gonna help you."
"Awww what!?" the firey demon protested. "Why do I get inventory with Johnny--"
"Whatever! Why do I have to do that shit with him? I can move shit around here too y'know!"
"Cuz Des and Ira can do it. I don't need you droppin' all my things like last time, Kenneth."
Oooh that did it; the fiery demon's flaming hair rose just a bit as his face practically glowed a darker shade of orange. He opened his mouth to protest again, and curse some other remark, but he caught Ira's look and simply shut his mouth with a snap, looking James' way and glaring, as if it were his fault. "alldkfjfkljfffffineIguesssss..." he grumbled and crossed his arms.
"Charmin', isn't he?" Des whispered to James and then gave him a nudge. "You're gonna have fun with him~ Unless you want meeee to be your partner---oww!"
"Knock it off." Ira scolded and grabbed his friends arm, tugging him away. "We'll do it, love. No worries. And no complaints, right, mates?" glancing over at the other two, who both nodded, one with a grin, the other, scowling as ever.
"Great!! Now lets get started!" Toya took up one of the clipboards and handed it to Fahren. "You know what to do. Andbeniceorelse."
"Yeah yeah..." he snatched it away and grumbled under his breath, tucking the clipboard under his arm and then stuffed his hands into his pockets. "C'mon, Shorty. Lets move." he said, brushing past the albino and making towards the back.
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