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March 21
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Scorpion Princess by Askthewerewolfprince Scorpion Princess by Askthewerewolfprince
Open to RP

I'll have some info for her up in just a bit
Adopted her from :iconaskthehuwoman: )) 

Name: Kaishori (kai for short) 

Age: 18-20

Species: Scorpion

Ethnicity: Indian 

SexualOrientation: Bi

home: In the desert lands of Ooo

Personality: Sassy, sort of tomboyish and a show off. 

Likes: Adventuring, fighting, cave exploring, red and gold, shiny things, treasure and decking herself out in them from time to time, swords, incense when it's not too heavy, spicey foods, cake, dancing. 
loose but fitting clothes

-She collects animal and monster skulls
-Champ at arm wrestling
-Has a soft spot for fairy tale books
-can write in hindi
-be careful about startling her, she can be prone to accidentally stabbing things when startled 
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Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
OMG SHE'S SO PRETTY! Q 0 Q :heart:
But omg I can imagine that she would be a champ at arm wrestling, and not just because she has a lot of arms pfft, but she looks like a strong gal who knows how to hold her own~ unf~ :icondivaplz: ))
Askthewerewolfprince Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
hhh ;w; so much detail yes :heart: 

and omg yesss, not just cause arms but cause strength )) 
Ask-Constantine Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014

Constantine: Me go next with the question, ahhh, here's my question, are you related to any Hindu God and/or Goddess? Have you chat with any Elephant God before?
Ask-Tina-The-Archer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
I'm just going to leave this here u v u ))

Anita: (…
ask-tina-the-archer.deviantart… )


The younger teenager looks upon the scorpion princess with fascinated eyes. She had seen some very interesting people but none like her--and to top it off, her outfit was gorgeous and screaming 'belly dancer'. With the amount of arms she had, she must be a wonderful performer...and Anita wanted to test this theory. With a beaming grin, she approached the young lady casually. "Say, your outfit tells me you're a performer--I'll show you what I can do if you show me what you can do!" she cheesed happily, not aware of who she was addressing or what she was about to get into.
nouge Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Could I ask a question? Are they open?
Askthewerewolfprince Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Sure ^v^ )) 
nouge Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Q: Would it be alright to see your back? You have a lot of arms so I hope you don't mind me asking this.
Rizztastic Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Cecil: The boy was walking along, still not completely used to being far from his kingdom. He had noticed a strange figure in the distance, squinting his eyes to attempt at making the picture clearer as he walked closer to observe in detail what he may be seeing. He stopped when he was close enough to see that it was indeed a person. He looked at the girl, his eyes shifting back and forth quite interested in what exactly she may be "Whoooahh.." He tilted his head and crossed his arms
Kaishori: *The scorpion girl was spending some time away from the desert lands of her home, she had found a nice clearing with a small lake in the grass lands, taking a break from a long walk before going on her way to see about finding some much needed adventure. She stretched out all 8 arms to stretch when she heard a sound, a rather a voice. Her tail straightened up to attention as she did, a sort of defense mechanism when surprised and she turned her head this way and that before spotting what looked to be a boy standing a ways away. She blinked and cocked her head at him, raising a brow.* "Hello? Can I help you?" 
Rizztastic Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Cecil: The boy jumped a bit, not expected a response, let alone a direct confrontation. "Oh! Hi!" He walked a bit closer, a bit hesitantly at an attempt to avoid being bothersome at the least. "Not really, I was just kinda curious as to what I was seeing over here, couldn't really tell from back there I suppose..Heheh.." He gave a quick shrug, his hands slipping into his pockets "I don't usually see people around places like these when I come around at least..What you up to if you don't mind me asking?" He chuckled nervously, worried he may have been a bit forward with his questions
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