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January 9, 2013
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St-Abadeers App- Lupe Wolfgang by Askthewerewolfprince St-Abadeers App- Lupe Wolfgang by Askthewerewolfprince
App for :iconst-abadeers:

Decided when I draw him as a human in any au, his 'sideburns' will look a little more like sideburns, so at least adds a little more difference in his look as a human ))

Eugene Lupe, Wolfgang



-B student

Gender: Male

Height: 6,4

Possessions: (He does have a dufflebag since he's in sports teams but he uses it for his clothes, he doesn't like his stuff smelling like his sweat all the time lol)

Mpj -lolol A way that I can still incorporate Bubba. He know's it's kind of silly looking but he couldn't help but buy it. And people do sometimes name their electronics so he did name it bubba. UuU

Headphones: He carries an extra pare of those real big literal head phones cause he loves those kind, he just can't hide them were he to listen to music in school.

snacks- he burns food pretty easy, so he's hungry rather often, hey gotta bulk up, keep energized and all that pft.

Part-time Job: (trying to decide between cd store, or one of the butcher shops that belong to his dad. ) He doesn't necessarily 'need' the money but he likes to earn his own.

Personality: Another fellow friendly jock, very laid back but can tend to be a voice of reason at times. He's not a real huge flirt or anything, rather respectful of girls and his elders but loves pulling a good prank or cracking jokes on and with anybody.

History/Bio: As an elementary kid, he was pretty quite, but friendly. He'd been pretty thin and small most of the time and then he pretty much shot up in height (and hair, hairy german always ) . So with as big as Gordie is, he's just an inch taller than him. They met at the beginning of freshman year and have been best bro's since. He loves being active and moving, and rough housing, so sports were obviously the best option when he's not in his room, lounging with his keytar and playing some tunes to pass the time. His parents own a business of butcher shops and deli's.

Likes: Music, his keytar, party's, food, deviled eggs especially (other than any meat ) chocolate, friends, girls, history, p.e.

Dislikes: english, veggies (except carrots) bullies, being stereotyped since he's a jock

Classes: PE, english, metal workshop, history, biology

Clubs: tba

Sports teams: Football, wrestling, rugby
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XAnastasiaRulz Feb 23, 2013  Student Artist
Au Lucy: (AT LUNCH TIME) *walking with my tray, going by the jock's table, trippes over Lupe's feet, letting out a little squee*
AuLupe: *The jock had been happily eating away and chatting with his friends, unaware that his foot had been a little too far out until he felt something knock into it and saw someone go tripping with a yelp. He blinked and sat up, leaning over the table to check on the girl. * "Hey uh, you alright? Sorry, I didn't realize my foot was in the way." He slipped out from his seat and offered a hand."
XAnastasiaRulz Feb 23, 2013  Student Artist
AuLucy:yeah..*grabbes his offering hand, getting up* thanks.... *some girls watch with mouths open*
AuLupe: *He smiles as he helps her up.* "Not a problem."
xXTornadoDash12 Mar 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is XAnastasiaRulz Brother > she wants me to answer this :I)
AuLucy: ehh.... im probally going to need the janitor * laughs embaressingly*
[[EUGENE PLZ IMACRYOMFG i justrealizedtheyareboththesamehighthelp]]

Highschool Au

Seth had been struggling to walk down the school hall ways, he had never been in this part of the school before, one could say he was lost but to him, he was simply on an adventure. he tapped his white cane on any object around him to signal if his path was clear, regardless, he was still unaware of this new hall way and bumped hard into lockers and people. Seth began to slow down growing tired of this 'game' and settled against some lockers, he huffed a sigh of relief being in a 'safezone' and retracted his cane under his arm, head lowered he rubbed against his shoulder that had been hit so many times and sighed.
omglol ))

AuLupe: *Lupe was waking down the same hall, following the numbers until he reached his locker. Backpack slung over one shoulder he plopped it down in front of it before moving to put in his combination and open it up. He just so happened to glance over and see the long hair boy slumped against one a few lockers down, rubbing his shoulder. He quirked a thick brow curiously, spotting the cane under his arm then understanding.* "Hey uh, you alright there? "
Highschool AU

a questionable look crossed seth face, he did catch the Question being asked no to far from him, but he wasn't all too sure if the question it's self was aimed at him. even so he silently turned his head in the direction he heard the voice come from.

"are you speaking to me?"
AuLupe: *Oh right, he couldn't tell he was addressing the question towards him. He rubbed the back of his neck and nodded instinctively even though the other couldn't see it.* "Er, yeah, I am."
HighSchool Au

cold air hit seths bare forearm, indicating ether the person addressing him must be closer, or that they have make a movement he was unable to witness. he lowered his head once more, before grabbing the white cane from under his arm. fully turning his body in to face the other,he raised his head and smiled, people hardly spoke to him, it was exciting every random conversation he'd get from time to time. a warm smile crossed his face as his eyelids hung low hiding half of his light blue irises.

"i see,thank you for your concern but im just resting, this hallway is new to me so, its a bit difficult to tell whats human and whats just a row of lockers"
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