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February 9, 2013
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Tobias Royal by Askthewerewolfprince Tobias Royal by Askthewerewolfprince
Been meaning to draw tobi and lil in something royal for some time, got the urge to get to tobi so here he is. He doesn't care much for getting all stuffy and nice but he won't doubt he looks good UuU pfft ))

I've decided I'm gonna put all their info on their royal sheets as well.

Tobias, Tobi, or Tobs (mostly called though by Cyder, also wigglebutt)


Orientation: Pansexual

Status: Taken :iconlittlemisspomp: Cyder

Personality: Tobi is a flirt, being a faun, it's like it comes naturally. He loves to flirt, and tease and play with people. Often invading close friends personal space and being extremely casual with people. But he's not above being mannerly, and knowing his place, taking no for an answer. He doesn't call girls anything other than their name. He likes to joke and act as if he's great or that he knows he's sexy, but it's really just a front, it's not hard to tell that he's joking, he doesn't think 'that' highly of himself. Deep down he does have some insecurities that he tries not to show, but he likes to see to it that his friends are always smiling or they will be subjected to his nuzzles until they do smile. He's also rather kinky like his mother.

likes: Music, playing his ocarina, sun bathing (especially doing so in the nude) , partying, drinking, boys and girls, nuzzles, papple fruit, hanging out with friends, wrestling

:bulletred: Extra Facts
-His best friend is Cyder :iconlittlemisspomp: They've been best friends ever since they were real little and their dads had them meet for the first time. They hit it off and have been attached at the hip ever since.

-His first kiss ever was with Cyder, same for the papple, to prove a point and help with his insecure dilemma of him figuring out what his orientation was.

-Around full moons Tobi gets really bad migraines, like, need to lie down in the dark and not think, bad. It's extremely painful for him.

-He love, love, loves papple fruit. He could eat tons of it forever he never gets sick of them, hence why he and Cyder usually hang out in the papple orchard.

-If he gets real riled up, he can growl.

-Given his faun like feet, he's not the best swimmer. He doesn't mind a shallow pool but he doesn't do well in deep water.

-When he gets really drunk, he resorts to trying to to give everyone a smooch on the mouth, nothing past that though of course. It's only when he's come with
someone to a party and had gotten smashed that he tries to come onto them and make out pft.

-He loves to mess with richard :iconsnuggletart: goose him and call him dick then run away just to rile him up.

-He likes to let Macy, Cy's youngest sister play with his hair.

-During winter he get's sort of a winter coat with his hair and tail, getting extremely fuzzy. Once Spring rolls around, he'll cut his hair short and let it grow back out over the course of summer.

Voice-adam young of owl city

more to come when I can remember to add more lol. ))
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do you like candy?
wanna rp with tobias? hope you know what i mean by that
you play as tobias.

Before we rp,Cresenia stays young in the second generation because of great war in her kingdom, which caused her to be in a long sleep in the ancient tree of light....which made her stop aging til she awoke. So, she is still 18 yrs old.
Yeah, I got that. and okay ))

Cresenia leaned against the trees of the nearby lake, depressed from recent problems. "Why do I get in stupid royal messes that only I can fix? It is because I'm the only heir and royal in this god forsaken kingdom!?"
Tobias *The werefaun was strolling through the woods as he normally did when he heard a voice. One that seemingly was talking to it'self, a girl? Curiously he followed, poking his head around a tree to see one of the lakes and someone sitting by it. He quirked a thick brow. They looked to be rather down in the dumps. It wasn't any business of his to be nosy to a stranger but it couldn't hurt to see. Hands in his pockets, he stepped out into view and casually walked closer. Making to find his own spot near the water to relax.* "Afternoon~" He greeted them before finding a nice spot and taking a seat.*
Cresenia ends up jumping from the werefaun's greeting. "Oh gob! You startled me..." She then looks him and cocks her head to the side and with her irish accent, she replied. "Why hello there..what's your name?"
Tobias: *He blinked and chuckled.* "Pft sorry about that." Apologizing as he got comfortable in his spot on the grass. "And hey, names Tobias. And you are? "
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wow this is amazing :D ))
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